Waiting for …

like last year
in the new one
like yesterday
so today
and tomorrow
and the day after tomorrow:
waiting for Godot

will you be here
when I fall
will you show me a way
when I get lost
will you see my tears
when I cry
waiting for Godot

in the midst of a waiting
in all the absurdity of this world
in some moments
unexpected expected
life becomes meaningful
birds sing and flowers blossom
you are here

klaus.heidegger 3.1.2022

When I was at school in South-East England long time ago, we had literature class twice a week. I had to read some of the works by James Joyce and Samuel Beckett and the teacher sometimes asked me, being the only Catholic in class, about the Catholic doctrine, because both authors came from Catholic Ireland. Most of all I remember “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett. Yesterday, going to cinema and watching the great French movie “Un Triomphe”, this important work of Beckett touched me again and being at home I wrote the verses above. In the movie the play of Beckett is connected with the life of the main protagonists. There is a theatre player, who is invited to a prison, where he could train some inmates to act. He chooses Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” that not only mirrors his own longing, but at the same time is characteristic for the prisoners. Only now, many years later, the message of Beckett’s play has become emotionally important and understandable for me. Looking at my life as well as the at the absurdity in society, I clearly see with hope and despair my own waiting for Godot on the one hand and on .the other hand moments when waiting has made room for glimpses of fulfilment.

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